Nissan Juke Problems: Common Issues With The SUV

The Nissan Juke was launched in 2010 and immediately became a favourite among growing families and alike due to its versatile nature, practicality, and unique looks. Although Nissan was once a byword for reliability, Nissan Juke Problems are sadly not unheard of.

Whilst some models of the Nissan Juke were nearly problem-free, other models have encountered a few, quite serious problems. Thankfully it wasn’t all Jukes that were affected. With the use of this handy guide, you’ll soon be able to distinguish which Juke is best in terms of reliability.

In the below article we will guide you through some of the common issues with the Nissan Juke, including which models are affected most. We will also answer a few common questions prospective buyers often have.

Do Nissan Jukes have any problems?

Nissan Juke
Image Credit: Unsplash

Nissan Juke’s, like many other cars before them, have been known to have the occasional problem. Whilst a car from any maker without any known faults or weak points, is almost unheard of. Some issues with the Nissan Juke are a little more unpredictable and can occur prematurely in the car’s lifetime. Whilst other problems with the Juke are more predictable and often mileage or age-related.

Common problems with the Nissan Juke

  • CVT Transmission Issues

When discussing Nissan Juke Transmission problems often, we are often referring to the CVT gearbox (REOF11). This is commonly found in the 1.6 naturally aspirated petrol cars. The CVT gearbox is seemingly a little unpredictable, with some issues being reported at as little as 3k miles, and others remaining fairly problem-free until much higher mileages.

This is probably the most notable & well-reported Nissan Juke problem. So, naturally, we have a whole section discussing these gearboxes, possible symptoms & repair/replacement costs below.

  • Turbo faults 

Turbo models of the Nissan Juke have also been known to have problems occasionally.

A blocked oil feed, allowing the turbo to run without proper lubrication is a common culprit for these Turbo woes. Early symptoms of this could present as something as simple as the car feeling a little slower than usual, due to extra resistance within the Turbo.

If oil flow is reduced significantly over extended periods it will likely destroy the Turbo. This can lead to a very costly repair, or in some cases, replacement.

This however is generally agreed to be prevented by regular oil changes. Nissan service bulletins do also exist for this issue. So, if your engine is regularly maintained by a specialist they’ll likely already know about this and will potentially recommend preventative measures.

Nissan1.2 Dig T Engine Problems
Image Credit: Pexels
  • Inner tie rod ends

Something a little less serious-sounding, but equally notable, is that the Nissan Juke seems to wear out its inner tie rod ends at an increased rate when compared to other cars.

Symptoms of a worn tie rod end can range from a strange vague feeling in the steering to vibration & excessive or uneven tyre wear.

Whilst tie rod end replacement is generally fairly inexpensive, it is very important to keep them in check. Tie rod end failure can be very dangerous, potentially resulting in an inability to steer in the worst cases.

Make sure to have these checked by a professional if you are unsure.

  • Loose Timing Chains

A loose timing chain can be common in various Nissan Juke engines but appears to be particularly common in the 1.2 Turbo engines.

Whilst symptoms of a loose timing chain can appear gradually, it is vital to act fast if you notice any of the below symptoms.

Symptoms of a loose timing chain will generally start as an engine rattle on startup, or maybe a lashing sound when idling from cold. Driving for extended periods with a loose timing chain can result in catastrophic engine failure.

It’s very much a case of better safe than sorry with timing chains, if you have any doubt, have it inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

  • 7 Recalls

So far, various models of the Nissan Juke have been issued with a total of 7 recalls. This may sound like a lot, but really this can say good things about the manufacturer being proactive, processing fault reports & rectifying issues where relevant.

It’s also important to consider the fact that some of these recalls only concern specific models and years.

Here is a list of recalls so far (06/10/21). If you’re unsure whether your Nissan Juke is subject to any recalls, or has previously had any recalls carried out, contact Nissan directly to confirm.

Turbocharger issues
Image Credit: Pexels
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor

The fuel pressure sensor on some models of Nissan Juke has actually been subject to three of the above recalls. The reason for this is because it has been known to spring a leak occasionally and due to the obvious risks involved with leaking fuel, manufacturers rarely ignore any related issues.

Likewise, owners and prospective buyers should also take this issue particularly seriously. Thankfully the issue seems to be limited to Nissan Jukes made between 2011 – 2013. However, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to check directly with Nissan if the vehicle in question requires the recall or has had the remedial work carried out already.

  • Premature clutch wear (Manual cars)

The lifetime of a clutch on a manual car is a notoriously hard thing to estimate because it depends hugely on factors such as engine pairing, driving style, and driving conditions. Therefore clutch life expectancy can vary significantly regardless of make or model.

However, there are a few reports of Nissan Juke owners experiencing premature clutch wear. Sadly, if you experience this, it is highly unlikely that it will be covered on any sort of warranty as it is very much a wear and tear item.

Symptoms of a worn clutch will generally include: Slipping under acceleration, difficulty making gear changes & a spongey clutch pedal feel.

  • Premature brake pad wear

Premature brake pad wear is in a very similar category to premature clutch wear, as brake pad life spans also vary hugely based on external factors.

Luckily, brake pad replacement is usually considerably cheaper than clutch replacement. Due to this, when premature pad wear is encountered by Juke owners it is unlikely to be reported and instead written off as a mild inconvenience.

Is the Nissan Juke a Reliable car?

Nissan Steering Wheel
Image Credit: Unsplash

Whilst some models of the Nissan Juke can face notable reliability issues, the Nissan Juke on the most part is by no means a particularly unreliable car when compared to others.

With this said, there are clearly some models of Nissan Juke which are certainly far more reliable than others.

Due to this, it is vital for prospective buyers to choose wisely to avoid models with known faults or account for unscheduled maintenance.

This guide includes some extremely important pointers for anyone trying to determine which models of Nissan Juke to avoid.

Tranmission Components
Image Credit: Unsplash

Does the Nissan Juke Have Transmission Problems?

The CVT transmission (REOF11) found most commonly in 1.6NA cars, can fail prematurely. Often between 20k-30k Miles, but has been known to fail at even lower mileages.

Initial symptoms of this often present themselves similarly to how a slipping clutch would feel, with the addition of some jerking at low speeds and is often accompanied by a whining noise. When ignored, the symptoms will gradually worsen to the point where the car can become undrivable.

This is, without doubt, one of the most serious Nissan Juke problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to either have a very good warranty on a car with this gearbox or avoid the purchase of a car with this gearbox in the first place.

Gearbox replacements and repairs are notoriously very expensive. Sadly with the Juke, this is no different, with gearbox replacements sometimes costing in the region of £7,000.

If your car is within Nissan’s Warranty period you may be lucky, as they have been known to cover or partially cover the costs of replacement. However, if you are outside of their warranty it is very unlikely they’ll assist financially.

How long do Nissan Jukes last?

Nissan Juke
Image Credit: Unsplash

Predicting how long any vehicle will last can be a very difficult thing to do. The lifespan of a vehicle can vary based on so many external factors. However, there are some early signs that some models of the Nissan Juke can live quite long lives indeed.

One of these signs is that there are plenty of Nissan Jukes available on the used market with quite high mileages on the clock, 100-150k mile examples are relatively common. High mileage examples like these can be great indicators of which models & spec choices are standing up to the test of time the best.

The service histories of these higher mileage examples can also be extremely valuable resources for specialist mechanics. Often preventative maintenance measures are born out of studying these high mileage veterans and the issues they have faced.

Why is the Nissan Juke discontinued?

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are a few misleading articles online which have spurred on questions like the above. Whilst the Nissan Juke has been discontinued in some countries, (the USA and Canada most notably). The Nissan Juke is still available in many other countries including the UK.

The reasons for the Juke being discontinued in some countries remain widely unconfirmed. Some sources have hinted that its looks were a little too eccentric for some markets, which lead to poor sales figures, amongst other reasons.

We however have a suspicion that the Nissan Juke’s discontinuation in some countries is also likely to be part of a larger plan to gradually roll out electric vehicles. Which will eventually replace some of Nissan’s range.

The New Nissan Ariya is a great example of an EV alternative on the horizon that could compete directly with the Juke & Qashqai.


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