Vauxhall Infotainment System Problems: How to Reset

Vauxhall infotainment systems have become more advanced in recent years, with technology that combines entertainment, navigation, and vehicle information. However, these complicated systems can sometimes develop issues. This article will discuss the most common Vauxhall infotainment system problems and how to fix them.

Common Problems and Symptoms

As with any advanced electronic system, Vauxhall infotainment systems can experience issues from time to time. Here are some of the most common problems reported by experts:

Software Problems

The infotainment unit relies on high-quality software to function properly. However, some users have reported:

  • Frozen screens – The screen may stop responding to touches at times or when using certain features.
  • Slow performance – The system can be sluggish when loading apps, changing screens or entering information. This makes the system difficult to use.
  • Unexpected restarts – The system can restart on its own during use, which interrupts the user.

The problems listed above suggest there are errors in the software that need to be addressed with updates.

Connectivity Issues

Modern Vauxhall infotainment systems centre around connectivity – linking to your mobile phone, the internet, and more. Some common connection problems are:

  • Bluetooth issues – Difficulty pairing mobile phones, dropped calls, and poor call quality indicate Bluetooth problems.
  • Smartphone issues – Problems connecting phones through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, such as intermittent connectivity or app crashes.
  • Wi-Fi issues – Difficulty finding or connecting to Wi-Fi networks, or buffering problems.

Without solid connectivity, many features won’t function well or at all.

Navigation and GPS Issues

There have been some reported problems with the navigation systems in Vauxhall vehicles. Some key issues include:

  • Inaccurate GPS – The GPS can show the wrong location of the vehicle or lag behind where the vehicle actually is.
  • Hard to update maps – Some Vauxhall infotainment systems make it difficult to update the navigation maps. This means drivers can be stuck with out-of-date maps.
  • Voice control issues – The voice commands for entering navigation destinations and controlling other functions may not work as they should.

Audio and Video Problems

The infotainment systems in vehicles handle playing music, radio, videos and more. As with any technology, issues can arise with the audio and video components:

  • Sound system issues – Poor sound quality, uneven volume levels across speakers, or speakers intermittently cutting out.
  • Problems playing media – Difficulty playing certain music or video file formats, tracks skipping, or issues with the media library.
  • Radio reception problems – Unable to tune to some stations, excessive static, or stations not coming in clearly.

These problems negatively impact the listening and viewing experience for passengers.

For Vauxhall Corsa models, common infotainment issues include connecting mobile phones through Bluetooth, inaccurate GPS directions, and unresponsive touchscreens.

Vauxhall Touch screen and dashboard

Troubleshooting and Solutions

I would recommend the following troubleshooting steps to remedy issues with the infotainment system in your Vauxhall.

Software Updates

The main reason for infotainment problems is old software. Updates provide solutions to issues, new features and better stability.

  • Check for updates – Look in your owner’s manual for how to check for the latest software, either directly on the system or through Vauxhall.
  • Install updates – Follow the prompts to download and install any available updates. This can take some time.
  • Repeat if needed – Regularly check again for additional updates, as fixes are often released in stages.

Keeping your infotainment software up to date is a straightforward way to fix glitches.

Resetting the Vauxhall Infotainment System

If software updates do not remedy your infotainment issues, resetting the system may resolve the problem.

  • Consult the owner’s manual for the precise steps to reset your Vauxhall model’s infotainment system. The process differs between models.
  • Save any contacts, navigation favourites or system settings you wish to retain before resetting.
  • Resetting to factory settings erases any faulty data and provides a fresh start.

Only reset as a last resort, as it requires time. But for stubborn problems, it can work wonders.

Connectivity Solutions

For wireless connectivity problems like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, try:

  • Deleting and re-pairing your devices. Removing phone or device profiles from the system and pairing again can fix glitches.
  • Checking external factors. Low phone batteries, outdated phones or unreliable cellular service can impact connectivity.
  • Moving your phone closer to the infotainment display for better Bluetooth reception.
  • Adjusting your home Wi-Fi router settings to reduce interference.

Ensure external factors do not hamper communication between devices.

Seeking Professional Help

If Vauxhall infotainment system problems continue after trying basic fixes, it is best to consult with an auto electrician or your local Vauxhall dealership.

  • Talking to Vauxhall technicians on the phone or online chat can help diagnose the root cause of infotainment problems. They may direct you to the infotainment section of their website if you haven’t already checked there for solutions.
  • Going to an approved Vauxhall garage is another option. Their technicians have the skills and tools to spot infotainment faults.
  • Ask about any software updates. Even garages may not have the latest update yet. Ask when they expect it to come out.
  • Consider resetting the system. If you have not tried this yet, the garage can reset it for you.

Vauxhall specialists are trained in these systems and are your best bet if you have exhausted all other solutions.

Preventive Measures

Infotainment issues can also be minimised by some simple proactive steps:

Regular Maintenance

To avoid infotainment system issues, it’s essential to properly maintain it, just like you would the rest of your vehicle.

  • Keep the system clean. Dust build-up can overheat the components and cause problems. Wipe down screens and clean the unit regularly.
  • Check for software updates. Don’t wait for issues to arise before updating. Install the latest updates to ensure optimal performance.
  • Have it inspected during service. Technicians can spot any potential infotainment problems during regular check-ups and address them.

Proper maintenance is key to minimising headaches down the line.

User Education

Some infotainment troubles simply come from owners not fully understanding how to properly operate the technology:

  • Read the owner’s manual. It details how to use all the system’s features.
  • Try the built-in tutorials. Many units have demos and walkthroughs on display to help you learn.

Knowing your infotainment system well will prevent simple mistakes that lead to issues.


To conclude, Vauxhall infotainment systems, like any advanced in-car technology, can potentially develop faults and issues. However, many problems can be resolved with simple solutions such as software updates, resets, checking connectivity and contacting the manufacturer for support. It is best to be proactive by properly maintaining the infotainment system and learning how to operate it correctly. This will provide the optimal experience with these feature-rich systems.


Why does my Vauxhall infotainment system keep freezing?

If your Vauxhall infotainment system keeps freezing, it is likely due to some software bugs. Try updating your infotainment software to the latest version available to fix frozen screens and unresponsiveness. If issues continue, you may need to reset your system to factory settings.

How can I fix Bluetooth connection problems with my Vauxhall infotainment system?

To fix Vauxhall infotainment system problems with the Bluetooth connection, start by deleting your phone from the system and re-pairing it. Also check for any software updates to the infotainment system, as Bluetooth bugs are often addressed in updates. If issues continue, try moving your phone closer to the infotainment display while connected.

Why is the navigation inaccurate on my Vauxhall infotainment system?

There are a few reasons why navigation may be inaccurate on your Vauxhall infotainment system. The GPS may need recalibrating, there could be a bug in the navigation software needing an update, or the maps themselves may be outdated and in need of refreshing. Checking for software updates and resetting the system can help resolve navigation inaccuracies.

How do I reset my Vauxhall infotainment system?

To reset your Vauxhall infotainment system, first refer to your owner’s manual for the specific steps for your model. Generally, you will access the settings menu, select the option to reset to factory defaults and confirm the reset. This will wipe any corrupted data causing problems. Be sure to back up any data you want to keep before resetting your Vauxhall system.

Why is my Vauxhall IntelliLink not working?

If your Vauxhall IntelliLink system is not working, some likely reasons could be software bugs needing an update, connectivity problems with paired devices, or hardware issues within the IntelliLink unit itself. Try updating the IntelliLink software, re-pairing connected devices, and resetting the IntelliLink system to factory settings. If problems persist, professional diagnostics at a Vauxhall dealership may be required to determine if hardware replacement is needed.

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