Vauxhall Electronic Parking Brake Problems: Faults & How to Reset

Electronic braking systems are becoming more popular in cars, but like any vehicle component, they can develop faults. In this blog post, I will explain the most common Vauxhall electronic parking brake problems in simple terms and provide troubleshooting tips to diagnose and fix the issues.

What is an Electronic Parking Brake?

An electronic parking brake (EPB) is a modern braking system found in newer cars. Instead of a manual lever that mechanically locks the wheels, an EPB uses an electric motor to clamp the brake calipers onto the wheels when the driver presses a switch. Sensors and a control unit manage the system and can apply the brake automatically in some situations.

EPBs offer more convenience and safety. The electric motor engages and releases the brakes faster than a manual system. Sensors can detect if the vehicle is stopped on a hill and hold the brake on to prevent rolling. The brake will also engage automatically if sensors detect the driver leaving the vehicle.

For the driver, an EPB switch replaces the traditional handbrake lever. Press the switch to engage the brake when stopped or parked. Press again to release the brake when ready to move off. The simplicity makes it easy to understand and use.

EPBs require minimal maintenance. There are no cables or linkages to adjust or replace. The advanced electronics self-monitor and alert the driver if there are any issues.

Overall, the electronic parking brake provides a high-tech solution to hold a vehicle securely in place when stopped or parked. The automation and convenience of an EPB demonstrates how modern technology enhances traditional automotive functions.

Potential Vauxhall Electronic Parking Brake Problems

There are several possible issues that can arise with a Vauxhall electronic parking brake (EPB):

  • The brake may fail to disengage when the switch is pressed, meaning the wheels remain locked.
  • The parking brake may fail to engage and not hold the vehicle securely.
  • The brake could activate unexpectedly while driving.
  • Warning lights on the dashboard could signal a problem with the electronic parking brake.
  • The parking brake may get stuck on after a breakdown or flat battery.
  • There may be a mechanical failure in the caliper piston or motor.
  • An electrical fault could occur in the switch, control unit, or wiring.
  • The EPB software may malfunction or need an update.
  • There may be miscommunication between the control module and switches.
  • The parking brake wires can become rusty.
Vauxhall wheel and brakes
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Diagnosing Vauxhall Electronic Parking Brake Problems

I would diagnose Vauxhall electronic parking brake problems in the following manner:

  • Check the on-board diagnostics system using a scanner to see if any fault codes are stored. This can directly indicate issues. Find the right scanner for you in our 2023 guide.
  • Inspect the calipers, cables, switches and motor visually for damage. Look for leaks, cracks, corrosion, etc.
  • Manually test the switch operation and the motor/caliper movement.
  • Have an assistant press the pedal during testing to check the system.
  • Listen for strange sounds when operating that could show problems.

Review any fault codes from the EPB module if possible.

Fixing Common Vauxhall Electronic Parking Brake Problems

There are several ways to fix issues with an electronic parking brake.

  • If the brake sticks, lubricate the caliper pins and pistons using brake lubricant spray.
  • If the brake won’t release, adjust the cables. Loosen the nuts and tighten to the correct specification.
  • If it’s a software glitch, update the electronic parking brake control module software. This requires a diagnostic tool.
  • Replace the switch if it’s faulty. Ensure the new switch is programmed properly.
  • Check for any problems with the wiring between components and fix as needed.
  • Replace severely rusted or damaged brake cables.
  • Use the manual release procedure if the parking brake sticks.
  • Clean or replace rusty brake wires that could cause electrical issues.
  • Replace broken brake cables.
  • Fix seized caliper pistons and replace faulty motors.
  • Inspect the electrical system if diagnostics show an electrical fault.

Preventing Future Vauxhall EPB Problems

To prevent issues, follow this maintenance schedule:

  • Lubricate the caliper slider pins, pistons and cables.
  • Inspect the cables and connectors for damage, rust and looseness.
  • Test the EPB system often to find problems early.
  • Update the software if new versions are available.
  • Check the wheels, tyres and brakes when rotating them.
  • Scan for error codes regularly to find problems, even without symptoms.

Following a proper maintenance schedule is key to avoiding issues with the Vauxhall EPB system. Lubricating and inspecting components, testing the system and updating software will help identify problems before they become bigger issues.

Regularly checking wheels, tyres and brakes also helps ensure the EPB is functioning properly. Scanning for error codes, even without symptoms, can uncover problems early. By following these best practices, Vauxhall owners can have confidence in their EPB system and avoid future headaches.

When to Seek Professional Help

If the owner of the vehicle does not feel comfortable investigating the electronic parking brake (EPB) system themselves or has tried all the do-it-yourself fixes without success, it is best to take the Vauxhall vehicle to the garage. Vauxhall technicians will have the proper software, tools, and expertise to accurately diagnose and repair even complicated EPB faults. All the better if your car is still under warranty.

I hope these Vauxhall electronic parking brake tips help resolve any EPB issues with your Vauxhall. Please comment if you have experienced problems and how you fixed them. As electronic brakes become standard, it’s important we learn how to maintain and repair these systems.


In conclusion, servicing your Vauxhall regularly and spotting any brake issues early is crucial for safe motoring. Routine checks and professional assistance for Vauxhall electronic parking brake faults are the best way to avoid larger problems later.


Why won’t my Vauxhall electronic parking brake disengage?

The most common reasons the EPB won’t disengage are piston or caliper lubrication issues, stuck pistons, worn brake pads, defective microswitch, or a faulty EPB control module. Try lubricating caliper sliders and pistons, checking brake pads, inspecting the microswitch, and scanning for module fault codes.

Why does my Vauxhall EPB keep coming on by itself while driving?

This is usually caused by a malfunctioning parking brake switch or control module. First check for error codes, then inspect or replace the switch. The EPB module may need a software update or replacement if faulty.

How do I manually release a stuck Vauxhall electronic parking brake?

Consult your owner’s manual for the proper EPB manual release procedure. It typically involves disconnecting the battery, locating the manual release screw or lever, and turning or pressing it in a specific sequence to retract the piston.

Why do I hear a whirring sound when operating my Vauxhall EPB?

The whirring is likely the EPB actuator motor. This could mean the motor is struggling to engage/disengage due to lubrication, cable tension, or calibration issues. Inspect cables and lubricate parts first before replacing motor.

What should I do if my Vauxhall EPB warning light comes on?

An EPB warning light usually indicates a fault in the system. Have the codes read at a garage to determine the specific problem, and then inspect cables, lubricate callipers, check brake pads, switches and the EPB module. The issue may be minor or require replacement of a part.

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