Complete BMW X6 Gearbox Oil Change Guide

The BMW x6 has the best of an SUV and a coupe to bring what is commonly known as a sports activity coupe(SAC). Like any vehicle having done considerable miles, a BMW x6 is worth checking for a gearbox oil change.

In today’s rundown, we will go over the finer points of how to check your gearbox oil. Plus, the recommended routes for changing your gearbox oil and pertinent checks.

We will also discuss some of the possible symptoms to look out for. And the recommended schedules for checking and replacing your BMW x6 gearbox oil.

How Do You Check the Gearbox Oil on a BMW?

bmw x6 gearbox oil change
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To check the gearbox oil levels on your BMW x6, use the steps below. It’s worth noting that a manual gearbox will need raising to gain full access.

You must first make sure that the car is perfectly level.

Raise the car, ideally with a hydraulic lift. Then remove the oil pan that covers the gearbox.

  • A manual gearbox or transmission does not have a dipstick. Use the check valve or drain plug to check the gearbox oil levels. A small amount of gearbox oil will drain out if the oil levels are full. If no oil comes out, then a top-up or oil change will be needed. Also, no sign of oil will need further checks to make sure the whole system is in top shape.
  • Raise the car to check a manual gearbox, ideally by a qualified mechanic.
  • What Are the Symptoms of Low Gearbox Fluid?
  • Low gearbox fluid can be spotted without having to raise the car. General tell-tale signs of needing gearbox oil or a transmission oil change include:
  • The gearbox overheating.
  • Any type of warning light.
  • Unusual sounds such as scraping or grinding.
  • The car experiencing problems when changing gear.
  • Gears not engaging properly.
  • The car entering ‘limp mode.’
  • Oil leaks from the center of the car.

If your car’s gearbox starts to overheat, then it can cause damage to internal parts. An engine warning light should be immediately addressed by taking the car to a local dealer or qualified mechanic.

In severe cases, the car may display unusual sounds emanating from the gearbox area. In this scenario, stop driving and ideally have your car towed to a local dealer. This also applies to problems when changing gears.

Although manual gearboxes can suffer from oil leaks, the same can apply to an automatic. In an automatic gearbox, the first problem sign is a delay when engaging drive or reverse. Oil leaks can be spotted by the presence of a bright coloured liquid around the gearbox area. Dark liquid that has a burnt smell is an indication of serious problems.

How Often Should You Change BMW Gearbox Fluid?

bmw x6 gearbox oil change
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Depending on the age and usage of a BMW x6, the transmission or gearbox oil should be changed within 30,000 to 60,000 miles. This applies to a manual gearbox, while an automatic should be changed every 60,000 to 200,000 miles.

Always follow the recommended BMW maintenance schedule and regular checks for changing your gearbox oil.

How Much Does It Cost to Change BMW Gearbox Oil?

The cost of a BMW gearbox oil change can range from £120 up to a few hundred pounds. The price will be dependent on if you need a full gearbox service and if other parts need replacing.

Even with a simple oil change, the temperature of the gearbox needs checking through the procedure. Also, the correct oil levels are vital. Otherwise, the gearbox can overheat and cause further problems.

How To Change BMW x6 Gearbox Oil

The initial recommendation for a BMW X6 gearbox oil change is to take the vehicle to a dealer or mechanic. They will simply have all the necessary equipment and expertise. Plus, they can diagnose any other inherent problems. If you wish to perform the work yourself, then follow the steps below.

  • It’s important to first check your insurance policy and warranty to see if DIY servicing is allowed.
  • There are many types of gearbox fluids on the market. Therefore, consult your user manual or a local dealer for the best options. For example, a 2010 BMW X6 recommends ATC oil. Also, the type of oil will be dependent on if you own a manual or automatic gearbox.
  • It is recommended that the car should be level parked and revved to 2000 rpm for a minute. The car should be then left to idle for another minute before continuing.
  • After raising the car and removing the oil pan cover, locate the drain and refill plug. Unscrew both plugs, then let the oil drain. When no more oil comes out, reinsert the drain plug with a new gasket.
  • Refill the gearbox with roughly 3 to 4L of oil, until you see the oil coming out of the refill hole. Always check the recommended amount needed from your user manual.
  • The gearbox should ideally have a temperature between 85 and 122F.
  • The valve body can also be slightly loosened to allow more oil drainage.

Dealer BMW Gearbox Oil Change

bmw x6 gearbox oil change
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It is ever so tempting to save money and perform an oil change yourself. However, it’s also worth noting the full range of checks available from a dealer. Depending on the age of the vehicle it may need further repair, a gearbox flush, or parts replacing.

A dealer gearbox oil change will make sure not just the correct fluid is used, but also the right levels. A full gearbox service can include a flush with specialist equipment, filter and gasket change, pan and connecting hose checks.

BMW x6 Gearbox filter

A BMW X6 gearbox filter check is needed with every oil change. The gearbox filter includes other components such as a metal plate, fibrous materials, tubing, gaskets and rubber seals. This filter is usually changed within 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

BMW x6 Gearbox Oil Change

If you’re not confident in performing a gearbox oil change yourself, then your local dealer will be at hand. The cost of the service can be reduced by looking out for coupons or special deals from local dealers. Booking a service online can also save money in some cases.

BMW x6 Gearbox Flush

If your gearbox requires a flush, then it can be easily identified and remedied by a qualified mechanic or dealer. This procedure will likely cost twice the amount of a simple fluid change as it will remove old fluid from all parts of the system.

Excess deposits in the system will require a gearbox flush. The gearbox oil, in this case, will be darkly coloured. Therefore, a complete gearbox oil flush will need specialist equipment.

Automatic and Manual Gearbox Oils

The BMW x6 automatic or manual gearbox will dictate the type of oil used. Essentially, an automatic and manual gearbox have different needs and operating temperatures. Simply consult your user manual or local dealer for the exact oil type needed for your specific vehicle.

How Much Does a BMW Gearbox Repair Cost?

bmw x6 gearbox oil change
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If you ignore regular gearbox oil changes, then it can lead to costly repairs. Small gearbox repairs can cost a few hundred pounds, up to thousands for a complete gearbox replacement. Work on a BMW gearbox can cost thousands if the oil has run dry or the system is clogged up.

When serious problems start to arise with a gearbox, it will still need a qualified mechanic to diagnose the problems. Therefore, it’s worth spending the initial money at regular service intervals to make sure your gearbox oil is topped up.

Changing the gearbox oil in a BMW x6 is simply to ensure the constant smooth running of your car. Plus, changing the gearbox oil at regular service intervals make sure problems don’t occur or are reduced down the road.

All the above tips lead to the conclusion of prevention is better than cure. Even if you take your car to a dealer for an oil change, the cost will still be cheaper than paying for a new gearbox in the future.

Summary of The BMW x6 gearbox oil change Guide

As with any vehicle, gearbox oil eventually becomes used and will need replacing. Gearbox oil changes may not need performing as often as other car fluids, but they will still need noting in your service schedule diary.

We hope that you have found this article informative. If you have experienced a gearbox oil change at a dealer or gone the DIY route, please comment below. Your own findings may just inform someone else in the same situation.

Also, please comment and share the article on social media. Your feedback may just help somebody else out in the future.


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