Common Audi A5 Gearbox Problems

The Audi A5 coupe is an executive compact saloon car, with a wide variety of options available throughout the vehicle. There is also a wide variety of advanced gearboxes on offer, which due to their complexity can show faults over time. Thus, we are bringing you the most common Audi A5 gearbox problems and possible solutions.

In this article, we will go over the most commonly documented Audi A5 gearbox problems. Plus, the most likely solutions.

Due to the complexity of most Audi gearboxes, most faults will need fixing by a dealer or qualified mechanic. However, you can still diagnose a potential problem, with short-term solutions.

Does The Audi A5 Have Gearbox Problems?

Audi A5 Gearbox Problems
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Audi gearboxes made in the last 20+ years are very advanced units. This makes them more susceptible to electrical faults, which is especially true on an Audi A5 made after 2007.

The most documented Audi A5 box problems are listed below.

Jerking forward of the vehicle or harsh gearshifts when changing gear.

  • Dashboard warning light. The warning, ‘Gearbox Malfunction – you can continue driving’ may also be displayed.
  • Gears taking time to engage.
  • Reverse gear cannot be engaged ( commonly seen in the Audi CVT)
  • The gearbox is stuck in one single gear.
  • The ‘Multitronic’ variant has also had documented driving issues. These include:
  • No hill hold functionality.
  • Loss of reverse gear.
  • Drive not engaging.
  • Sudden gear slippage or surging at certain speeds.
  • Vibrations when setting off.

The Multitronic problems listed above are generally a result of the forward clutch not having the correct holding strength. Audi has recommended an upgrade from a six to a seven friction plate within the clutch system. The on-board computer should also be re-flashed to set the new parameters and ratios.

There have also been cases of A5 owners having acceleration or gearchange problems as the car ‘learns’ the driver’s style. While this can be the case in the very short term, persistent gearbox problems should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

The Different Types of Audi A5 Gearboxes

Audi A5 Gearbox Problems
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Audi offers a wide variety of gearboxes depending on the age and options on an A5. The various gearbox permutations include a 6-speed manual, Multitronic, Tip Tronic, and S-Tronic. The ‘Tronic’ types are available in either six, seven or eight-speed versions.

Due to the complexity of the A5 gearbox, repair costs can become expensive. However, a gearbox problem in many cases can be remedied through software updates, checking of electrical faults and maintaining gearbox oil levels.

Audi S-Tronic Gearbox Faults

The Audi S-Tronic gearbox is a common feature on UK versions of the A5. One fault that has been well documented is with the mechatronic control unit. Components within the unit can degrade over time. This can cause the car to experience harsh gear changes or enter the limp home mode. If this problem is not addressed, then the gearbox can stick in one gear. This issue generally affects Audi A5’s from 2008 to 2014.

A diagnosis of the vehicle will show up various fault codes, with some examples below.

  • P173C – Valve 1 In Sub-gearbox 1 (electrical fault)
  • P1740 – Clutch Temperature Monitoring
  • P179C – Main Pressure Valve (electrical fault)
  • P17E0 – Gear Actuator/Selector 1 (mechanical error)

A replacement of the original 0B5 mechatronic control unit can bring back the same inherent problems. This is because of the problems inherent with the original design. Therefore, if this the issue with your vehicle, ask the questions of how it will be replaced with either an original or OEM part.

How Do I Reset My Audi Gearbox?

Audi A5 Gearbox Problems
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In some Audi gearboxes with adaptive capabilities, the gearbox can be reset. The procedure below will reset the gearbox to the default factory settings.

  • Press the accelerator pedal down to the floor and hold for 15 seconds.
  • The car’s ignition should be engaged, with the engine not started. On versions with the start/stop button, only press the accelerator pedal and start button.
  • Turn off the car, then release the accelerator pedal. Wait a few minutes before restarting the car.
  • Drive the car in a sedate manner for 15 minutes.

Disconnecting the battery won’t reset the gearbox or ECU on more up-to-date vehicles. If the above procedure doesn’t work then an OBD2 scanner will be needed. A scanner can be bought independently and if you’re feeling confident, you can try the below procedure.

  • Check there are no fault codes stored in the gearbox or ECU.
  • Turn on the ignition but do not start the engine.
  • Locate [02 – Auto Trans]
  • Then locate [Basic Settings – 04] or [Basic Settings – 01] for 09G Trans. Set the group to ‘000’ or ‘060.’
  • Choose ‘Go’ then press the accelerator pedal.
  • Press ‘Done’ then release the accelerator pedal.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Audi Gearbox?

Audi A5 Gearbox Problems
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As previously mentioned, due to the complexity of Audi gearboxes, repairs can become expensive. A scheduled service and oil change can cost a few hundred pounds, up to thousands for a replacement gearbox.

There are plenty of quotation websites which can give you some idea of cost. However, the car will still need checking by a local Audi dealership or mechanic to find the exact problems.

If you’re in the position of needing a new Audi gearbox, then one deciding factor is the age of the car. If the car is older than 10 years, it may not justify the spend on a completely new gearbox. A reconditioned unit is a possibility to reduce costs, but this route can be fraught with its own problems.

Summary of Audi A5 Gearbox Problems

If your driving experience is ever hindered by unusual sounds or slipping gears, then the first option is to visit your local dealer. Specialist knowledge is needed with an Audi gearbox. Thus, it’s better spending money in the early stages than allowing a problem to persist.

We hope you have found this article useful and please comment below with your own experiences and findings. Also, please share this article on social media to help others in the future.


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