AudiAudi A5 Clear Blocked DPF: How to Clear

Audi A5 Clear Blocked DPF: How to Clear


The Audi A5 diesel engine is a solid and reliable power plant. However, many owners have used the search term ‘Audi A5 Clear Blocked DPF’ to find a solution to this common problem. The DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) with common causes and solutions are the discussion points today.

Firstly, we will discover the main causes of a blocked Audi A5 DPF. Then we will move on to the most recommended solutions.

Today’s article will document the common strategies to make sure your DPF doesn’t get clogged up in the future. As per usual, regular checks and maintenance on your car can go a long way.

What Are the Signs of a Blocked DPF?

Audi A5 Clear Blocked DPF
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The DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) is part of the exhaust system for reducing emissions. Soot is collected by the system then burnt off at high temperatures. However, just like any filter, they can become blocked over time. Below are the most common signs of a blocked DPF.

  • The car will display the DPF warning light on the dashboard.
  • The engine management light illuminates.
  • A loss of power or the car enters limp mode.
  • Fuel consumption goes up.
  • Smoke detected from the exhaust system.
  • Active and passive regeneration of the DPF stops working.
  • The automatic Stop-Start ceases to work.
  • The car may display a fault code.

The passive and active regeneration of the DPF should burn off any excess soot. The passive system works on long journeys, where the exhaust temperatures are high enough to burn off the soot. The active system uses the ECU to burn off larger deposits. However, if you only perform short journeys, the system doesn’t have time to reach the correct temperatures. Constant short journeys are the main culprits of a blocked DPF.

How Do You Clear a Blocked DPF Filter?

Audi A5 Clear Blocked DPF
Image Credit: Unsplash

To clear a blocked DPF filter first, try the passive and active regeneration systems. Drive your Audi A5 at 50mph for at least 10 minutes, keeping the revs above 2000 rpm. This process will work for small deposits or buildups of soot.

If the car has already entered limp mode or is running badly, then a trip to your local dealer is advised.

When the warning light on the dashboard is displayed, then the driving tip above should be performed immediately. If symptoms persist, the car’s DPF will need to be cleaned as soon as possible. This procedure is performed by a qualified mechanic or dealer.

Always use good quality diesel fuel. Additives can also be added to the fuel tank to help clear the system.

Unfortunately, the DPF can’t be removed due to new regulations. If the DPF is removed then the car will fail its MOT.

Conclusion of Audi A5 Clear Blocked DPF

The main causes of an Audi A5 blocked DPF is constant short journeys or too rich a fuel mixture. Diesel engines prefer longer journeys. So, make sure you take your car for a long run at least a few times a week. Too rich a fuel mixture will need tweaking by your local dealer or mechanic.

The cleaning process will incur a cost, but this will be far cheaper than replacing the whole unit. The cleaning process will also stop further damage to the whole system.

We hope that you have found this maintenance article informative. If so, please comment below with your own experiences. Plus, please share the article on social media to help out others in the future.

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