VolvoVolvo XC60 vs XC90: What SUV Is Better

Volvo XC60 vs XC90: What SUV Is Better


SUVs have become the standard utility vehicles for both the family and working types. If safety, luxury, and build quality are paramount, then the Volvo xc60 and its larger sibling, the xc90 are great choices. But when it comes to the Volvo xc60 vs xc90 debate, which one is best?

Today we will be running through the specifications, pros, and cons of each vehicle. Then a summary of which of these SUVs will be the best fit for your own circumstances.

While both vehicles will serve very well as luxury commuters, the differences in size, prices, and features will be the deciding factor. With either vehicle, you will get one of the best equipped and safest SUVs on the road.

What Is The Volvo xc60?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

The Volvo xc60 is a premium compact SUV. The xc60 uses the same underpinnings as the larger xc90. Thus it can use the same engine and suspension types as the xc90.

Xc60 Engines

A variety of engines are available for the xc60 which include the B4 and B5 diesel types, B5 and B6 petrol engines and three hybrid versions. The B4 diesel has 194bhp, while the B5 version comes with 232bhp. The petrol version B5 produces 247bhp, with the B6 having 296bhp and is only available in all-wheel drive. The B4 diesel and B5 petrol versions are available in both 4×4 and front-wheel drive.

if you want to opt for a plug-in hybrid version, these are officially titled ‘Recharge’ models. Three versions are available, with the T6 producing the equivalent of 335bhp, the T8 having 385bhp and the T8 Polestar Engineering version coming in with 399bhp.

A double-wishbone suspension comes as standard, with an active Four-C chassis system on higher trim models. The steering is also very light, with plenty of ride comfort. This makes the xc60 less dynamic than its rivals, but it still has a very firm ride and plenty of comfort.

In terms of fuel economy, the B4 Diesel in front-wheel-drive does 49.5mpg. With the all-wheel-drive version, fuel economy comes in at 44.1mpg. If you prefer the B5 front-wheel drive option, it claims 38.1mpg, with the B6 getting 296bhp.

For the eco-minded out there, the T6 and T8 feature a 2 L petrol engine with additional electric motors. C02 levels from both these variants come in between 5g/km and 73g/km.

Volvo xc60 Interior

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Volvo xc60 interior comes in 3 main trim levels. These start with the Momentum, then the R-design and Inscription trim levels. If you opt. for the T6 plug-in hybrid or the T8 Polestar, there is an Inscription Expression trim available.

There’s no faulting the quality of the xc60 interior. A 9-inch touchscreen is the focal point of the dash. While there is also a 12.3-inch information display.

Satnav, Bluetooth and a DAB radio come as standard, with upgrades available if you need Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other interior niceties include zone climate control, a 505 litre boot and towing facilities.

What’s the Difference Between a Volvo xc60 and xc90?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
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The difference between the Volvo xc60 and xc90 is size, storage space and standard features. The xc90 provides the most in these departments. But the xc60 has the lowest base price and better road performance.

The xc60 has a regular luxury compact SUV starting price of $40,150, with the xc90 starting at $48,150. Both of these prices are for the Momentum model. If you want the limited edition Polestar Engineered xc60, prices start at $69,500.

Interior Comparisons

Conversely, the xc90 can be had in 3 trim levels. The inscription model coming in at $62,600. The xc60 coming in at a much cheaper price point.

The xc60 can seat five people, while the xc90 has three rows for seven passengers. The xc90 has the option of swapping out the second row for a bench seat while keeping the third row in place.

When it comes to cargo space, the xc90 has a class-leading 41.8 cubic feet of space. With the second and third row seats folded down, this turns into 85 cubic feet. In comparison, the xc60 has 22.4 cubic feet of room, with 63.3 cubic feet with the rear seats in the down position.

While both the xc60 and xc90 contain leatherette features, the xc90 has the most opulence. The higher trim levels in the xc90 come with full leather upholstery and steering wheel, four-zone climate control, and heated seats. Standard features on the xc90 such as keyless start and adaptive cruise control can be had on the xc60 as an option.

Engine and Ride Comparisons

The base engines on both models have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The higher horsepower versions having both supercharged four-cylinder and turbocharged variants. The base model xc60 can achieve 22 mpg around town and 29mpg on the highway. Conversely, the base model xc90 achieves 21 mpg for short journeys and 30 mpg for long trips.

All models come with an 8 speed automatic gearbox, with optional suspension. The xc60 being the smaller of the two is the easiest to handle.

For safety features, the Volvo xc60 won a top safety pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway safety. Plus the xc90 was awarded a Top Safety Pick award. Both vehicles have a huge list of standard safety features, with the xc90 additionally featuring collision monitoring, rear parking sensors, blindspot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

How Much Bigger Is the xc90 Than the xc60?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

For those more concerned with size, the xc90 is 194.9 inches in length, compared to the 184.6 inches from the xc60. The xc90 comes in at 84.3 inches wide, with the xc60 being 83.3 inches. The xc90 can seat seven people with the xc60 seating five.

Is The Volvo xc60 a Reliable Car?

The Volvo xc60 won an above average for reliability rating from the 2020 What Car survey. Each vehicle comes with a three-year or 60,000 mile warranty. Plus a three-year paintwork and 12 year warranty for rust.

What Goes Wrong With Volvo xc60?

The Volvo xc60 has been known to suffer from an engine fan control module malfunction, small fuel leaks and power steering faults.

The engine fan control module can be disrupted with a software error. This can impact the air conditioning system or in rare cases causing an engine malfunction. On some vehicles the fuel line may become detached, causing damage and possible small leaks.

Some issues have been reported with the power steering line and steering gear. The joint between the two components being incorrectly fitted or failing.

What are the Volvo xc60 Trim Levels?

The Volvo xc60 comes in four trim levels which include the Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, and Polestar Engineered.

Do Volvo xc60 Hold Their Value?

Due to the safety features, reputation, ride and quality, the xc60 holds its value well. The vehicle slots into the small luxury crossover SUV market, with excellent levels of trim on the base model.

What Is The Volvo xc90?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

The Volvo xc90 is a three-row, 7 seater luxury SUV. It is the largest vehicle in the Volvo lineup, featuring plenty of cargo space and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

In comparison, the xc90 lines up against the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Range Rover Sport. Safety, style and family friendliness are the key components. The SUV also comes with a range of 2 L engines, having a design revision in 2019 to the mark 2 version.

Although 4×4 versions are available, the vehicle is more of a luxury SUV than a solid off-roader. This is fine for the majority of users as the suspension setup is aimed at smooth daily cruising.

For such a bulky vehicle, the B5 engine can still perform 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. This along with a top speed of the 112 mph.

Volvo xc90 Interior

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

The interior of the Volvo xc90 has plenty of Scandinavian influence and upmarket features. The base-level Momentum models come with satnav, DAB radio, auto-dimming mirrors, and heated seats.

Other standout features include a 12.3 inch TFT information display, powered passenger seats, and 19-inch alloy wheels.

All the interior workings are done through the touchscreen. This provides a more uniform and simple layout of the car’s theme.

Along with luxury, practicality has been well thought out within the xc90. There is a centre console with large storage space, large glovebox and plenty of storage holes. Temperature zones can be set up throughout the SUV on top trim levels models. While there is enough legroom, even in the third row, but with an average amount of headspace.

The huge boot space benefits from a low unloading lip and a hands-free powered tailgate as standard. There are also other handy items in the boot area which include a shopping bag holder and a charging bag for the hybrid models.

The Volvo xc90 Reliability

Volvo has always been known for its safety and dependency. The xc90 is also good with reliability, winning a five-star rating from a 2015 Euro NCAP test.

Is The xc90 The Safest SUV?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

IIHS awarded the Volvo xc90 ‘Top Safety Pick,’ along with the accolades of ‘Top Safety Pick Plus.’ The IIHS evaluation subjected the SUV to multiple crash tests. Along with the safety systems, the xc90 passed with flying colours.

Safety features include a run-off road system which can sense if you veer off a road surface. Plus, the xc90 features specially designed energy absorbent seats in case of a crash. Other safety features include an autonomous braking system and Volvo’s enhanced city safety package. This protects against collisions with cyclists or pedestrians.

The only other vehicle in the class of the xc90 to win a Top Safety Pick award went to the 2020 Lexus RX.

What Are the Different Types of Volvo xc90?

The different trim types available for the Volvo xc90 come in the form of Momentum, R-Design and Inscription. The Momentum is the base model starting at $48,350, with the more sporty styled R-Design at $56,00 and the Inscription having a base price of $62,600.

Is the Volvo xc90 Expensive to Maintain?

Although the Volvo xc90 falls into the luxury SUV camp, it’s cost-effective to maintain. With regular servicing and oil changes, the xc90 should be no more expensive to keep than any other vehicle.

Regular oil changes, brake inspections and routine maintenance should be performed throughout the year. Parts and labour are comparable with other premium SUV models.

A visit to your local Volvo service centre should provide you with the necessary service intervals. Servicing costs can also be set in place when purchasing a marque set plan. The plans last from 2 to 6 years and can be bought at any time after buying a new car.

Volvos are generally cheaper to maintain than comparable premium SUVs. Volvos have been found to be cheaper to maintain than the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Volvo xc60 vs xc90, Which Is The Best?

volvo xc60 vs xc90
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The xc90 may have more seats, cargo space, and standard features. But the xc60 wins for its lower price, sharper handling and more agile road performance. However, for those who need the extra space, the xc90 is still an excellent choice.

The xc60 wins out on price, reliability, acceleration, ride and handling. The xc90, on the other hand, has the most seats, comfort, cargo space, interior quality and space, with both vehicles tying for fuel economy.

The ‘best’ can also depend on your own personal preferences. The five-seater xc60 is easily comparable to the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC. This makes the xc60 a good choice for premium ride quality and performance in a medium-sized SUV.

If you don’t necessarily need a seven seater, the xc60 provides plenty of equipment and performance for the money. This equates to large cash saving on new vehicles between the xc60 and the xc90. However, for the most space and practicality, the xc90 is the better fit.

xc60 vs xc90 Volvo Styling Comparison

volvo xc60 vs xc90
Image Credit: Unsplash

From a brief glance, both the xc60 and the xc90 have similar features. Both vehicles have similar front ends with a rectangular grille and sharp set headlights. However, the rear of the xc90 is longer and boxier than the xc60 to accommodate the extra seats.

Also, the xc60 has a more steep angle to the rear windscreen. This leads to an overall sharper look to the Volvo SUV as a whole.

Inside both vehicles, there is a clear difference in the seating arrangements. The xc90 has a third row of seats, with a large boot space. The xc60 doesn’t lack in space, especially with the second row folded down.

The dash is slightly different in both SUVs concerning the Volvo xc60 vs xc90 debate. The xc60 has cooler-looking air vents surrounding the central touchscreen. Plus, the basic trim on the xc90 feels slightly more upmarket. Apart from these features, the interior of both vehicles is largely the same.

Volvo xc60 vs xc90 Engine Comparison

Engines are shared between the two model variants. Both diesel D5 engines use the Volvo Powerpulse technology, with the T8 hybrid version producing the most power. In terms of efficiency, the new plug in hybrid engine can easily muster up 100mpg.

Both petrol variants may not be as efficient as the plug-in hybrid or diesel versions. But they both act as a good middle ground for power and economy.

Volvos made prior to 2014 used a variety of Ford engines. The engines in the xc60 and xc90 are Swedish built through and through. These engines having an emphasis on the four-cylinder turbo variety.

Volvo parts and repairs have traditionally been expensive. This has led in part to the reputation that Volvos are sometimes unreliable. According to the 2019 ReliabilityIndex report, the xc60 didn’t place in the top hundred carlist. But the xc60 still spend less time off the road than the likes of the VW Tiguan.

Summary Of The Volvo xc60 vs xc90

The main verdict between the Volvo xc60 vs xc90 comes down to the amount of space you need and premium features. The xc90 is the one to choose for the most space. If you don’t mind the lack of a third row, the xc60 has mostly the same underpinnings as the xc90 and at a lower price point.

As the base models have similar specifications, the xc60 is the most value for money. There’s also the consideration that the Volvo xc90 T8 is the most expensive vehicle the company produces. In other words, premium quality with excellent safety levels has never been cheap.

Both vehicles are highly effective in the premium SUV class. But if budget is your main consideration, the xc60 is the likely option.

If you have found this article useful, please comment below with your own xc60 and xc90 experiences. Also, please share on social media as it may just help out another potential Volvo buyer.

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